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The Working Group on Philanthropy, Policy, and Power. I convene this group of more than 50 political scientists researching and writing on donors and nonprofits. We maintain a Google Group (list-serv) and are developing repositories of syllabi, datasets, teaching materials, working papers, and published articles. We first convened at APSA 2016 and intend to meet at each subsequent annual meeting. To join, email me.

Professor  Bill Adair & the DeWitt Wallace Center for Media & Democracy and PolitiFact

Professors Elizabeth Ananat,  Ken DodgeAnna Gassman-PinesChristina Gibson-DavisSunny LaddSeth Sanders & the Center for Child and Family Policy

Professor Carolyn Barnes & the civic effects of antipoverty groups

Professor Alma Blount & the Hart Leadership Program

Professor Jennifer Carlson & Gun Culture 2.0

Professor Nicholas Carnes & Class Diversity in Governance

Professor Charles Clotfelter & the Center for the Study of Philanthropy & Voluntarism

Professors Philip CookJens LudwigHarold Pollack & the Crime Lab

Professors Sandy DarityBob KorstadAnirudh KrishnaJay Pearson & the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity 

Professor Peter Feaver & the Triangle Institute for Security Studies

Professor Joel Fleishman & the Center for Strategic Philanthropy & Civil Society

Professor Jay Hamilton & the Stanford University Journalism Program

Professor Bruce Jentleson & Bridging the Gap on foreign policy

Professor Deondra Rose & Higher Education Policy

Professors David Schanzer and Charles Kurzman & the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security

Professor Theda Skocpol & the Scholars Strategy Network

Professor Dalene Stangl & the Conference for Women in Statistics and Data Science

Professors Jeff Swanson and Allison Robertson & Mental Health/Gun Policy